Prior to making the referral, please ensure that you have read the
Referral Guidance Notes and FAQ’s below:

Referral Guidance Notes

Step 1
Clarify the situation with the individual in confidence. Please inform them of the availability of the Health Assured Student Assistance Program (SAP) which includes:
  • 24/7 Counselling helpline and, where applicable, structured short-term solution focused therapy
  • Advice and information for practical legal, financial and medical matters

Questions to consider that may be helpful
  • Do you need to discuss the situation with Health Assured first for guidance in approaching the matter?
  • Is the individual happy to receive a voicemail/text or could that result in someone, unintended, finding out about the support?
  • How is the situation impacting the individual?
  • When would be the best time for Health Assured to make contact, ensuring they are in a private and confidential space?

Step 2
Complete the consent statement and referral form with the individual, ensuring that they consent to their personal data being shared with Health Assured for the purpose of accessing SAP services.

The referral process involves sharing personal contact details and case history which may include highly sensitive information (Special Category Data) about things such as their health.

If an individual does not consent to the SAP Referral, please remind the individual they can contact the 24/7 helpline on a self-referral basis.

Step 3
Complete the consent statement below, once submitted the referral form will open allowing you to complete the helpline referral.

What happens next?
1. Health Assured will contact the individual during core business hours of 9am to 5pm after receiving the SAP helpline form (unless a time is specified)
2. The counsellor will identify and offer the most appropriate support/intervention for the individual
3. Health Assured will inform you whether contact has been made or if there have been any problems making contact with the individual

FAQs - Individuals

What data will be shared with Health Assured?
Only data that you want to share with your student welfare representative and are happy to be passed to Health Assured. If you have any concerns these can be discussed with your student welfare team, or alternatively, only disclosed directly to Health Assured once contact is established.

What happens if I consent? 
The referral will be sent directly to Health Assured and we will arrange for the relevant counsellor / advisor to make contact within the agreed time frame. During this call we will explain support options, gather further details about the situation and implement any applicable support.

How will you use my data?
Health Assured will use any data collected for the provision of SAP services, with all content being held confidentiality within our secure case processing systems. Further details of how we use data are detailed within our privacy notice which is available here. For details regarding how your student welfare team uses your data please speak to them or look for their own Privacy Notices.

What will be shared with my student welfare team?
Client confidentiality is at the forefront of everything we do at Health Assured, in relation to an SAP Referral and the support which is put in place, Health Assured will only report back to your student welfare team to report whether:
  • Support has been put in place by Health Assured
  • Support has been declined or deemed unsuitable at this point in time; or,
  • Health Assured have been unable to make contact with you on the contact details provided

Are there any circumstances in which confidentiality would not be maintained?
Although Health Assured protect confidentiality wherever possible, there are certain circumstances in which confidentiality must be broken.
These are:
  • Risk of harm to self or others - if there is legitimate concern for harm to self or others, then Health Assured will liaise with a client's GP to arrange additional support, or if required the applicable Emergency Service provider
  • Safeguarding concerns - where children or vulnerable adults are implicated, the local authority designated officer/social services department may be informed

In extraordinary circumstances, where the risk relates directly to your organisation or institute i.e. on site risk or where public interest outweighs confidentiality, we may inform your student welfare team of details limited to that specific risk.

Do I have to consent to an SAP helpline referral?
Health Assured will not contact you unless you have consented. Alternatives include contacting us directly via the helpline or website in which case your student welfare team will be removed from the process. If you consent but then change your mind, please get in touch with Health Assured or your student welfare representative and we will stop the referral process meaning that the required support will not be put in place.

Health Assured can be contacted directly through your helpline number or alternatively email [email protected].

Consent statement

  • Before proceeding with your referral, please ensure that you have gained explicit consent from the individual and made them aware of the consent statement, which can be accessed here.

  • Health Assured is committed to the protection of client data and transparent use of our services. This referral form must not be completed without the individual's express consent to do so. Full details of how Health Assured handle data are available in our privacy notice –